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Association for Black Economic Power taps Versique to find CEO for new credit union

The Association for Black Economic Power, which is attempting to open a Black-led credit union in Minneapolis, is partnering with one of the largest headhunters in the Twin Cities to find a CEO for the planned financial organization. St. Louis Park-based Versique will help identify and recruit qualified candidates for the position of CEO at no charge, according to the firm. The planned credit union will be named Village Financial Credit Union. Versique is also helping identify board members for Village Financial. "It’s a good opportunity for us to give back to the community," said Paul Bees, senior practice director for the

banking & financial services division at Versique. Regarding the CEO position, Bees said “We’ve got some candidates in the pipeline. We continue to look for people and we’re trying to stay local." Paul Bees with Versique is helping Village Financial Credit Union find a CEO. Candidates need significant experience in the banking or credit union industries to even be considered for the position. The CEO position will likely pay between $100,000 and $150,000, according to Bees. Versique is forgoing its roughly 25% commission on salary for the position.

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